Smoking Facts

healthy versus smoker lungs

We all know that smoking is not good for you, and quitting is not easy. Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals, and 80 known carcinogens that cause cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Why should I quit?

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to quit, here are some of the most common ones.

  • Improve your health and reduce risk of smoking related diseases.
  • Enjoy a better quality of life, be fitter and healthier.
  • Be a better role model for your family.
  • Have more money in your pocket.
  • Smoking won’t dictate your daily routine.
  • Improve your image, have better skin, teeth, hair and a smoke free home.
  • Reduce the work you have to do to keep your home and car clean.
  • Improve the quality of the air in your home.
  • Improve your self-esteem and to be better able to deal with the daily stresses of life.

Smoking Facts

  • 1 in every 2 smokers will die of a tobacco related disease
  • Most smokers (83%) regret that they ever started smoking
  • Every 6.5 seconds someone in the world dies from tobacco use = 1.5 million people dying needlessly each year.

How does smoking affect health?

Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 different chemicals which can damage the cells and systems of the human body. These include at least 80 chemicals that can cause cancer (including tar, arsenic, benzene, cadmium and formaldehyde).

When a smoker inhales, these chemicals are drawn into the body where they interfere with cell function and cause problems ranging from cell death to genetic changes which lead to cancer.

This is why tobacco smoking is a known or probable cause of approximately 25 diseases. According to WHO figures, smoking is responsible for approximately six and a half million  deaths worldwide every year.

Smoking is a greater cause of death and disability than any single disease. By 2020, the WHO expects the worldwide death toll to reach 10 million, causing 17.7 per cent of all deaths in developed countries.